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      Now we are in the great era of knowledge economy and the era of reform. Xuzhou Municipal   Construction Group is under the birth of the era, growing sturdily, from small to large.
      Over the past fifty-year long time, people of Xuzhou Municipal Construction Group have made innovation unceasingly under hard conditions. Hard work, innovation, integrity, and high efficiency are the spirits of our enterprise flowing in our blood vessels, reflected in the projects like construction of roads, bridges, culverts etc.
      Now, we are in the new stage to join the waves of doing pioneering work in China and continue to construct the city meridians. In order to create the city meridians, first-class talents are urgently needed. "Harmony, integrity, efficiency, innovation" is the core of our enterprise value; "more strict, higher, stronger", is the consensus that we pursue high talents. Absolutely obeying the command, resolutely carrying out orders, consistent behavior and high efficiency and good results are our guiding action principles. Through continuous innovation, we provide qualfied public products and create a comfortable living environment for the whole society.
      To build the meridians makes us full of hope for the future. From top three in the northern part to the top ranks in the whole Jiangsu province, from a boat to a ship, we expect to become the most profitable, lowest risk, fastest growing and best manifesting the value of employees in the industry. We also hope to continuously create new things in the following journey, having the world see our shine.
      Takeing the essence of the sun and moon, we cherish the past and have confidence in the future. The new beginning is on the way.