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In promoting the construction of the building of the municipal main industry, the Group actively develop and explore other industries. Set up testing centers, to develop civil market, providing testing services, the formation of Stone Point Institute, the provision of municipal and other architectural engineering design services, the company set up Lorain gardens, landscaping and carry out maintenance and construction, and the Beijing Dance Academy jointly build Xuzhou International dance school, founded in Xuzhou Newell Education and Training Center. Successful implementation of the construction-based industry leader in municipal, industrial diversification drive testing, design, landscape, investment, real estate, education and training, the development of advanced models Qi head, to achieve the company's healthy operations.

Municipal storm temper people, innovation endless, repeated success.
Great spirit, painting strategy;
Great perseverance, extension mode;
Generous, and promote development.
Xuzhou Municipal Construction Group under the trend of the times of gestation, from small to large and from weak to strong, and grow.

Currently, the group owns five construction branch, Xuzhou Hongda Civil Engineering Laboratory, Suzhou Tongli Control laboratory two engineering test center, as well as point-Municipal Design Institute, CNS engineering company, real estate development company bridge, wisdom The Department of Education and Training Center, Sheng Yu investment companies and many other specialized subsidiaries. Thinking decide a way out, highlighting the vitality of innovation. Xuzhou municipal people are poised for their dreams into the great "Chinese Dream", write a new chapter of prosperity!