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Credit Management Jiangsu construction market into the era
Time:2015-5-7 8:16:36                  Click:2246

Recently, Jiangsu Province, the construction market credit management platform cum Changzhou City Construction "triple play" evaluation system launching ceremony held in Changzhou, marking the province's construction market credit system construction work officially from the pilot phase to full scale advance. Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban Guo Yun Chong, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, where the right to attend the launching ceremony and delivered speeches.

Guo Yun Chong pointed out that the construction market credit system is an important part of the social credit system, improve the socialist market economic system, an important part, is related to an important task for the healthy development of China's construction industry. Currently, the situation in the construction market parties lack credit is still relatively common. Some construction units do not work according to the construction program, forcing Loaning contracting parts shall, bright dark strokes given, payment in arrears; some of the layers of subcontracting engineering contracting business, construction cut corners, resulting in quality and safety issues; some of the supervision, tender agent, cost consulting and other intermediary agencies are not in. The problem is not only caused by quality problems, the quality of the accident, an important reason for production safety accidents, and prone to corruption. Therefore, strengthening the construction market is very important to rectify. The construction market there are many more reasons irregularities, one important reason is that the integrity of the building market awareness of the main parties are relatively weak construction market all management aspects of credit information sharing mechanism is not established, market management and the lack of linkage site management, marketing the main parties illegal behavior can not be timely and effective treatment, dishonesty illegal relatively low cost. Therefore, accelerating the construction market credit system construction is very urgent and necessary.

Guo Yun Chong said Housing and Urban Construction Department of Jiangsu Province in the project as a carrier of information technology as a means to building market linkage and field as the starting point, the first in China to explore the establishment of provincial scope introspection, city and county building integrated market credit management platform, the provincial, city and county construction companies, exchange practicing certified personnel and project information sharing, enterprise and staff qualifications (qualification) and credit behavior data and other information, interoperability and mutual recognition of targets. Provincial, municipal, county upper and lower linkage regulation, market supervision and on-site linkage provides technical support. Changzhou innovation management tools, the establishment of technology, business, the integrity of "triple play" comprehensive evaluation system, the integrity of the introduction of bidding, the implementation of dishonesty punishment mechanism. Jiangsu Province, the construction market to enable the use of credit management platform and Changzhou City Construction "triple play" evaluation system, and further enhance the effectiveness of supervision of the construction market in the country has played a positive exemplary role for other local and national improve the level of construction market credit management provides a good reference, to further improve project quality and safety production management level will play an active role in promoting.

He Quan urged all localities and departments concerned should adhere to the credit information management system construction as the focus of regulating the construction market order, as a solution to outstanding problems in the construction field, to enhance the level of a breakthrough in the construction market supervision, improve organizational leadership and overall coordination of efforts in human, material and financial resources given to the tilt, study and solve the difficulties and problems encountered by to ensure the smooth progress of the work. To accelerate the pace of construction, speed up the provincial municipality "subsystem", and strive to build construction projects before the end of the year, construction companies and employees in the credit information database, and to achieve docking with the provincial platform. To focus on improving the system, around information collection, credit evaluation, the results of the application of the key, pay close attention to the development of the construction market credit evaluation system, establish and improve credit information sharing mutual recognition, trustworthy incentives and promises disciplinary mechanisms. Vigorously promote information disclosure, the construction project under effective government oversight, the market and the public, increasing the binding and deterrent credit information market players growing sense of integrity, improve credit level.

Deputy secretary of Jiangsu Province, the provincial supervision department of the Yangtze River city hall, attended the launching ceremony, Jiangsu Province Housing and Urban Construction Department Zhou Lan on behalf of the Office and municipalities signed the construction market credit management target responsibility.

Target responsibility in accordance with the requirements of Jiangsu Province municipalities should be completed before the end of this year the construction of the underlying database, establish a complete enterprise library, the library and the project library staff before the end of December next year the credit evaluation results apply to bidding. On the basis of the country-level city level construction market credit management system, and gradually its affiliated county (city) extends the construction market credit management to achieve complete sense of full coverage.

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