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China Municipal Engineering Association 2014 Annual Meeting Summary of president
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China Municipal Engineering Association 2014 Annual Conference president, on January 17, 2015 held in Shanghai. The meeting was chaired by the President of China Municipal Engineering Association Wang Guoming, president of the China Municipal Engineering Association, Vice President, Secretary and Deputy Secretary-General, as well as a total of 36 experts attended the meeting. Meeting minutes are as follows:

First, consider the 2014 annual "National Municipal Gold demonstration project"

China Municipal Engineering Association Vice Chairman and General Cheng Zhong Bulletin 2014 annual "National Municipal Gold demonstration project," the declaration, the four review group to report on the review of the case of municipal Gold demonstration projects, and review the recommendations put forward in writing. In 2014 the country has 21 provinces, municipalities declared "National Municipal Gold demonstration project" 86, street lighting professional committee recommended a total 3, a total of 89 participating municipal Gold Cup 2014 demonstration project. After careful deliberation, the jury by the president, vice president and some experts by secret ballot, selected 83 demonstration projects nationwide municipal Gold FY2014.

Second, the work of the association and annual summary 2014 2015 research priorities

China Municipal Engineering Association Vice Chairman and General Cheng Zhong Association Bulletin 2014 completion of major work. First, the successful completion of the association's general work. Second, to further clarify the purpose of service, and stressed that all the work of the Secretariat should highlight the "service" concept. Third, we continue to carry out a national demonstration project to declare municipal Gold Award, outstanding project manager selection, QC group activities and so on. Fourth, built around the live focus Ministry of Urban Division carried out various training and seminars and other education and training. Five is involved in the construction division of continuing education Textbooks and materials distribution and other related work.

Vice President of China Municipal Engineering Association Xu Yan Qiu Association Bulletin 2015 work focused vision.

(A) conduct research to adapt to economic development around the new normal. First Urban Construction Division in the city to assist the construction of underground pipelines thematic research. Second is to organize the introduction of social capital to implement urban infrastructure thematic research. Third, organizational innovation and development of municipal enterprise key and difficult problems of special investigations. At the same time given to complete the building housing the Ministry, "the municipal industry status and trends research report" revision "of urban sewage treatment plant construction quality acceptance."

(B) carrying out various training. First, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Construction Division of the requirements, good construction division of continuing education and training and the revision of textbooks and other work. Second, the combination of business needs a solid job of the technical education and training, efforts to improve the quality of the industry workforce. Third, exploration and local associations, key enterprises engage in joint training of the road.

(C) continue to do well Zhengyouchuangxian activity in the industry. First, we continue to do the judging Gold demonstration projects, revise and improve the "Gold demonstration project selection methods and implementation details." Second, do a good job "outstanding municipal Project Manager" award, revised and improved selection methods, standardized judging. On this basis, we begin to organize "outstanding entrepreneurs" award. Third, continue to conduct nationwide municipal Quality Management QC group activities and standardize the results of reporting procedures, promoting good management results, mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties involved in organizing the exchange of timely diagnosis teacher training. Fourth, seek the support of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction Division, start "in the municipal sector national labor law" contest.

(Iv) carry out the "Chinese enterprises integrity municipal Recommend" activities. Well municipal enterprise culture construction, strictly "corporate culture base" and naming standards.

(V) to strengthen self-construction association. On the one hand, establish and improve various rules and regulations, good journal and website, improve municipal expert database and enterprise infrastructure databases. On the other hand, the Association of Professional Committee of the revised regulations, strengthen guidance and oversight to the work of the Association Management Committee.

Members, president of the Association 2014 annual work fully affirmed, and around 2015 the Association focused on work, to fully express their views and suggestions.

Third, Wang Guoming, president of the good work of the association proposed requirements

Wang Guoming, president of China Municipal Engineering Association on behalf of the new Council concluding remarks, stressed that this meeting is not only to review the past work of the Association, the Association also opened a new course of mobilization, rich meeting content, significance. Members, president of the association put forward very think, very deep, very valuable opinions and suggestions, reflecting the enthusiastic participation of the member of the work of the Association and to trust the new leadership of China Municipal Engineering Association and support. For the current and future work of the association and do, make clear and specific requirements.

(A) development of new economic normality to the country municipal construction, higher demands, association work has much to offer. Society needs to better assume "a bridge and link" to coordinate the interests of the conflicting parties, purify municipal market environment, and promote fair competition. Efforts to achieve "required the government, enterprises hope, duty," is the title "new normal" under the meaning of the work of the association.

(B) to adapt to the new normal economic development, association work must identify the specific starting point, effectively improve service quality. Priority is to help enterprises to seize the opportunity to develop as soon as possible, and actively promote technological progress, strengthen self-discipline and soft power building, branding and benchmarking, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

(Iii) the development of new economic normality, more than ever, we need to help each other, to promote the work of the association to a new level. To strengthen investigation and research, in-depth understanding of the demands of the industry and members of the unit, to improve the relevance and effectiveness of the work of the association. To continue to strengthen self-construction, and actively take measures to increase the cohesive force of the Association. Officers Association is a group of companies and is a member of staff, the president is the squad leader, to bring good start, played the wisdom and strength, improve coordination and communication, unity and overcome all difficulties, to do a good livelihood projects, practice popular works.

The meeting called for a conviction, and enhance the sense of mission, responsibility, solidarity and cooperation, earnestly implement relevant policies and regulations of the State and the Ministry of Housing, and strive to create a positive progress, harmonious and orderly, fair and just environment for development and create a new situation in the work of the Association.

The conference, deputy director of the Shanghai Transportation Commission, Shanghai Road Lands daixiaojian to the meeting and delivered a speech. Shanghai Municipal Industry Association and the Shanghai Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, the General Assembly provides a warm and thoughtful service.

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