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Willing to cooperate with all partners work together to create a better business in the future!
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Over the years, under the guidance of spirit "unity and hard work, innovation, integrity and pragmatic, quality and efficient", business gradually formed the unique corporate brand of "Xuzhou municipal" . As the main force of city infrastructure construction, The Group bears the project construction tasks of primary and secondary roads, bridges, city square, flood control and drainage, sewage treatment in the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Qinghai etc..

In the production and operation, The Group takes municipal construction as main business to drive the businesses development like detection, design, gardens, investment, real estate, education and training and realizes the benign operation of the company. At present, The Group owns Teng Wei, Xiangtian, Xiangcheng, Shengdong, Zhongyuan five engineering construction companies, Xuzhou Hongda Civil Engineering Laboratory, Suzhou Tongli Test Laboratory with two engineering test center,Dianshi Design Institute, Lvrun Green Landscape Company, Zhongjia Engineering Company, Luqiao Real Estate Development Company, Zhihui Education and Training Center, Sheng Yu Investment company etc.

In recent years, The construction projects that The Group undertakes were awarded the "China municipal construction gold cup", "Yangzi Cup", "Jiangsu province municipal demonstration project", "Gupeng Cup", "Gupeng Cup" Silver Award and other awards; the construction site has also won the " safe and civilized construction site in Jiangsu Province", "safe and civilized construction site in Xuzhou" and other honorary titles. The enterprise is to obtain the titles like "China top 100 in construction", "Jiangsu province excellent construction enterprise of Jiangsu", " Civilized unit of Jiangsu Province ", " The credit management model enterprise of Jiangsu province ", " the 100 most growth construction enterprises of Jiangsu province", " top ten construction enterprises of Xuzhou", "Xuzhou high-speed rail station Construction Award", " advanced charity unit in Xuzhou city " and many other honors.

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