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On the road machinery used in municipal areas
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Continuous social development, human beings continue to progress, the main artery of transportation as human existence is to maintain a diversified portfolio approach to the development of a single model in the past, despite the existence of a strong dependence and complementarity between all types of transport, but road Transport for its wide coverage, high mobility and flexibility, time-sensitive, and between other types of transport is more convergence and other advantages always occupy a dominant position, and this position and played an increasingly prominent role. Today in the West countries, road transport has accounted for more than 61.5% of all transport modes sum, our country, too, the State Department of Transportation plans this year, China's total length of roads to reach 2.3 million km in 2020 will exceed 300 million km, then, the total mileage of highway to reach more than 70,000 km, it is this enormous development opportunities which make us become a booming industry in this road is not bad!

As early as 2500 years ago, Confucius said, "We must first of its profits", on our road construction industry, too, road construction machinery is our "device"! It is an important tool to ensure the completion of the road construction tasks. Management of road construction machinery will directly affect the quality of the project, construction schedule and the ultimate effectiveness of the project, therefore, any construction is going to be ignored for construction machinery fair use and management, and this, we Shenyang Municipal Group is no exception.

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In recent years, the company's construction projects is not limited to the original long civil engineering, the project gradually expanded to highways, subways, tunnels, etc., have long been out of the construction site in Shenyang, Liaoning out, covering Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Beijing and Tianjin and other places, while the rapid development has also exposed many problems on the use and management of road construction machinery, since the formation of the project department of the successful projects were started after the operation, so often from other projects section temporary deployment of machinery and equipment, various types of road construction machinery due to the state vary, supporting not in place, tend to affect the quality and progress of the highway construction. At the same time, the project construction process in particular, for some reason, had to increase the load of machinery and equipment, ultra-long use, contempt technical state of the mechanical equipment, one-sided pursuit of progress of the project, resulting in a lot of construction equipment appears failure, lack of timely maintenance, not only reduces the mechanical life, but also increased the cost of future maintenance of equipment for future projects using other potential problems, resulting in a vicious cycle: grab the progress - light maintenance - reducing properties - affect the progress.

2 solutions

Because device management found the problem, so we have to address these issues take the following appropriate measures:

(1) When the project department were set up, we rely on the company's internal office platform, strict approval process to go where the conditions established by the Ministry in the project, it is specifically set up appropriate machinery and equipment management, software and hardware to be complete, Hardware refers to a variety of road construction works required machinery and machinery operator, means that the corresponding software is supporting a variety of rules and regulations, safe use of the system and equipment maintenance procedures, etc., the only way a complete hardware and software, it can work Audit Platform for approval;

(2) in the process of construction, road construction machinery regularly to the commissioning, repair and maintenance work, the problem of equipment, to identify problems, solve problems, and with reasonable maintenance plan for maintenance levels, including routine maintenance, routine maintenance, periodic maintenance to go together, two maintenance, seasonal maintenance, three maintenance, assembly, repair and overhaul the entire vehicle.

(3) on the management of construction machinery and equipment, in addition to efforts to ensure the performance of its outside, but also what can reasonably arrange dwelt use mechanical equipment, machinery and equipment management section of each program should be carried out carefully in advance arrangements, do all kinds of mechanical tissue deployment, scientifically prepared using mechanical equipment work plan.

3 Equipment Rental

After years of actual operation, our company on the construction site construction machinery and equipment to strengthen the management has achieved remarkable results, but also accumulated a lot of "real situation", "family property" of the rich is no doubt that our construction capability, So we thought we lease idle machinery and equipment, set up equipment rental center.

Origin and the present 3.1 Leasing

The so-called mechanical equipment leasing, means within the agreed period, the lessor will use the right machinery and equipment transfer, the lessee to pay rent for the right to use the cost of obtaining mechanical Lessor derive behavior of usufruct. In fact, the "lease" as an economic activity, as early as 1500 years ago, the real estate leasing land, housing, nearly 200 years, first appeared in the West of movables leasing machinery and tools, until nearly 50 year lease as an industry in Western countries has been rapid development, has now become an important part of the socio-economic activities, the impact of this in the international climate and driven by our country in the 90s of the last century leasing industry also achieved unprecedented development.

Road Machinery Rental Management 3.2

In our internal group, decision-makers keenly felt: rental centers to develop, to grow, to have a high ability to resist risks, it must be excellent mechanical, high-quality service to impress other construction companies, with the establishment of long-term loyal partnership to form rental center, lease tripartite risk-sharing between companies and equipment manufacturers, and benefit-sharing of strategic partnership. It is with this idea, our group's rental center has long been focused on strengthening management in the following areas:

(1) strengthen the system management. As the saying goes: "No rules no standards," one plain language reflects the importance of the system. Management system is the most important task, especially in machinery and equipment rental management aspects. Machinery and equipment along with machinery operators long time away from the unit to other units or work outside the area, renting of machinery and other foreign units which are needed to manage the system. In the system steward to the system of tubes to avoid human factors and subjective and arbitrary, achieve scientific machinery rental management, standardization and normalization.

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