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Xuzhou, Jiangsu Rail Transit Line 3, a project EIA publicity
Time:2015-5-7 8:26:22                  Click:2725

Public concern Xuzhou Rail Transit Line 3 Line of currently carrying out environmental impact assessment. March 20, Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection public network publicity Xuzhou City Rail Transit Line 3 Line of environmental impact assessments.

According to publicity, Xuzhou City Rail Transit Line 3 A project for the auxiliary line north-south backbone, rapid series of Jinshanqiao Area, Old Town, Zhai Mountain Area, Copper Mountain District, covering the main city of Xuzhou "double heart five groups "Multiple Area, convergence of the railway station in Xuzhou Jinshanqiao transportation hub and sub-center, University of Mining, Copper Mountain Center administrative centers and other important functions.

Xuzhou City Rail Transit Line 3 from the northern end of a project to Xu Gang Hospital Station, along the lower lake road - Daqing Road - Fuxing Road - beneath the ancient Yellow River - Huai Tower Road - Liberation Road - Beijing Road - the Yangtze River Road - Huangshan Road - Traveling Silver Hill Road, passing the railway station in Xuzhou, Huaihai Plaza, Zhai Mountain Area, University of Mining and Copper Mountain District, beyond even Huo highway north of the planning Coe Park. Line length 19.612km, set up station 15, all for the underground station, which transfer station 4, is expected to open to traffic by 2020.

Xuzhou City Rail Transit Line 3 Line of site-specific, from north to south were as follows: Xu Gang Hospital Station, at Lake Road Station, Daqing Road Station, Xuzhou Railway Station (Transfer to Line 1), Peace Road Station ( transfer to Line 5), Huai Tower Road Station (Transfer Line 2), Technology Square Station, South Third Ring Road station, Zhai Road station, Teachers College Station, Copper Mountain, deputy central station (transfer line 4), Tongshan District Station, Xiangjiang Road Station, coke village station, Pioneer Park station.

Compared to last year published recently in Xuzhou rail transit construction plans, the new publicity Xuzhou Rail Transit Line 3 Line of the entire line to the northeast extension of the lower lake road and increase Xu steel hospital two sites, starting from the original Daqing Road Station instead Xu Gang Hospital Station. In addition, the entire line to reduce the two stations, namely Fuxing South Station and Silver Hill Station, across the board is still 15 stations.

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