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How to go the central enterprises to enhance the construction management
Time:2015-5-7 10:44:06                  Click:2883

Strengthen management is the eternal theme of enterprise development, as China's economic transformation layers forward, the central enterprises facing a new round of industrial restructuring and upgrading. Therefore, in order to achieve a new round of restructuring of corporate resources, consolidate and enhance their core competitiveness of enterprises, carry out a comprehensive management to enhance the activity is significant. Construction companies overseas institutions as a direct market-oriented business entity, is the profit center and project resources distribution center, the company's annual business objective is to achieve a body. Therefore, the depth and breadth of participation in overseas institutions directly related to the progress and effectiveness of management improvement activities.

First, strengthen cost control, to achieve cost efficiency.

Reinforcing material cost control, bulk material assigned by the Office of the person inquiry, bargaining, use the law of supply and demand price fluctuations, rational organization of the various business units centralized purchasing to reduce costs through scale advantages. While strengthening personnel training, and actively cultivate skilled workers of the enterprise, reduce temporary employment; full use of existing resources of local machinery and equipment, reduce construction costs. Strict control of expenses, approved and issued office costs index, strict control of hospitality, office expenses and travel expenses and other controllable costs and responsibilities to the people.

Second, accelerate the pace of development of new projects, and actively seek new economic growth point, increase Chuangxiao.

To enable enterprises to become bigger and stronger, the company adhere to the "efficiency first", we must actively expand market share, market development, give full play to the leading role. I do the new project will be based on the annual development plan to strengthen the local market Plough, cultivate new projects. For this reason, I do will further clarify the project responsible for the implementation of tracking quantitative assessment, and strive to complete the annual turnover and profit plan. At the same time focus their efforts on commercial loans, the development of government Frame project.

Third, strengthening quality management, and actively striving famous works.

Product quality is the lifeline of our construction business in particular. In the project management process, to further improve the quality assurance system, improve the quality assurance measures to improve the engineering detection means, reward quality and innovation, to enhance the quality of the project, summarizing the results of more good quality management, to create fine works, at the same time create effective efforts enhance the company's brand image.

Fourth, strengthen financial management, standardize mechanisms overseas operations.

Strengthen financial management, to ensure the project is reasonable and safe operation of the flow of funds, strictly control the size of accounts receivable and inventory, to develop effective responses to ensure that timely and reasonable receivables outside the company. With full knowledge of local laws and regulations, enhance co-operation in accordance with law compliance awareness, standardize mechanisms overseas operations, and make rainfly work to reduce operational risk.

Fifth, comprehensive coordination of project resources, multi-channel, multi-mode optimization of human resources.

Give full play to the role of technology and management platform the cooperation unit, reasonably new employees trained in the project must be configured key posts of key personnel, to ensure that the project is progressing smoothly. Should be mutual cooperation and coordination between the construction work site-specific construction team.

Sixth, strengthen the management of safety and environmental protection, energy conservation.

Face focus on the major production safety work. In the energy-saving, water saving, economizer aspect units should develop annual control targets, responsibility to the people, Festival Award ultra-fine, strict examination. Under conditions permitting, to further improve the process, efforts to reduce energy consumption. While further strengthening the quality, environment, occupational health and safety system operate effectively in the business organization.

Management to enhance the activity is an important measure of the company bigger and stronger, I do actively accordance with the requirements of the company, through continuous efforts to enhance the management level, to management for efficiency, to develop.

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