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roup "municipal good sound" K Song Contest perfect ending
Time:2015-5-7 10:47:54                  Click:2878

      To celebrate the "May Fourth" Youth Day, to further demonstrate the Xuzhou Municipal Construction Group Co., Ltd. spirit of young workers, refining and shaping the cultural quality of Xuzhou Municipal Construction Group, youth groups, April 30, 2015 2:00 pm Group League organizing "municipal good sound" K song contest. After nearly three hours of competition, contest a perfect ending, the award has also been released.
      Get this competition is the first company of Wang Hailong Teng Wei; get second place this competition authorities from the Ministry of Finance of Cui Jie; get this competition is the third day Xiang Liu Jia from the company; get the contest is the fourth Fen Zhang from office synthesis section; access to this competition is the fifth company to St. East Xue; get this competition is guodaoqiang sixth Teng Wei from the company.

      Players artistic level of this competition is excellent, they threw himself into all the guests, the judges and the audience dedicated to a visual feast. Rotary Youth melodies here, youthful note here flying, the dream of youth sailing at the moment.

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