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Liu Yuchen: "You do have goals."
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Just the other night, and two good friends together to eat a simple meal, drink a little wine. We talked a lot. When the spirits high, we talked about the future life and work. After all, we are not in the young. Time off really fast, twinkling of an eye 10 years later, a young man of our passionate, play noisy. Now that I think, in fact, I missed a lot of things. Regrets? To tell the truth, I really can not say, can only say that the past can not be changed.

Now I have a wife, children. Leisure time off out to get together, sometimes just finished dinner, hit the side of a friend of his wife over the phone, only the word - home. Well also, busy work, busy life, busy children. Everyone is trying to make money, in order to make their lives better. What goals do you have?

Perhaps you will say that the target who has not? In fact, we have a goal, just maybe customized approach is not right, or if you do not have the power to implement it, so your plan can not be implemented. So I carefully to the next, in the end we have what it takes to customize their own goals?

(1) to comply with their wishes

If you fully believe in yourself, in a sense, you have the engage in any activity, and the confidence and ability to achieve any goal. Once you have the courage to autonomously determine their goals in life, and this is a goal almost all my energy into, you walked out of the first step to success.

(2) by their own interests and power to decide

The goal is not necessarily static, it can change with changes in their own strength, without too high nor too low. I have a friend who wanted a partner opened the hotel, so they customized goals, how open can put what size hotel, shop after profit distribution, management personnel and hire a chef and so on as the planning phase of goals. We must learn to catch up with the master of his own life is free.

(3) so that the target to attract you forward

Goal to be able to encourage you to overcome setbacks and difficulties, and fought for, can play a good restraint on their own and urge action. Do not blindly do something, you have to analyze the focus is not suitable for them.

(4) analysis of your current situation

Set goals for their future outlined a blueprint depicting time and requirements to the final destination, but exactly how to start, had to start from their own situation. Therefore, to fully analyze their current situation. Such as their own advantages and disadvantages which, how to play the advantages and overcome shortcomings, what improvements need for more.

(5) take immediate action to target departure

Our goal down once established, it must take immediate action to implement it. Sedentary can never be successful. From now on, to "stand up! To Action! To Act Now!" Because of the success is the soul of sports!

"The best plan of action most imperfect, has shelved a hundred times stronger than that." This is my favorite motto.

That so much of what is totally see it my friends a successful career, then he is not doing nothing right. Now for us, it is a good time to open up development. For my father, I was pregnant with pride, then I want my children, and they will be proud of his father.

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