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Chen Xue: "In fact, life is very simple."
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Time such as water, life Cantabile, after we passed the ignorant childhood, juvenile Qingdouchukai gone into the hard struggle of the youth. Time in our lives day by day with, leaving only one after another, called in the past, called the former word, and I alone among all the way to go forward, come now, is working with a thing called life, struggle, I had grown accustomed to the loss of life in this search, looking for their own life and direction, sometimes feel physically and mentally exhausted, but I have a free soul.

"Yesterday Yesterday fragrant landscape, Jiang Xue cool song Kansui;. Live for today, though he freezing cold and frost," I think the greatest happiness is to see the people I love more than a happy one. Girlfriends, friends, friends. Please promise me to be good, to have a good life of their own. In many cases, we look down on you because someone else with their angry, it would strive Zhengkou Qi. Pretty disappointing and smarter than angry forever. It reads, "gas is the process with others to punish their own stupid behavior." Since anger is a folly, we what little unwise, bearish point, all to maintain a normal heart, still see the flowers bloom, rather Review fog fog outside, play things, fog man, let him high-profile and lively.

Life, days of life, good or too bad also won, why do not we good too, some unnecessary trouble and annoyance, we flees, often do not give yourself nothing good, no trouble to find trouble. A lot of things like the name of the umbrella on rainy days, you ran into the room embarrassed hastily put it away and thrown in a corner, it still folds sandwiched rain that night, after a long time and then softened, that is not the same but not raindrop , the only thing left is that of umbrella fold marks. Like life left my memory.

"Quiet good time, and the king of the language; fine water years, the king of the same; bloom again, and the king of old." Shaded place, will light! Time is always inadvertently lapse between us, in this inadvertently we can feel is their own slowly mature. In fact, such is life before, in our lives always has friends, colleagues, family and people you dislike you hate to decorate with your color, regardless of what kind of role the people around him to play in your life, We have to thank them, it is that they make our lives become rich and colorful. Hard to improve themselves, the poor and the weak are often easy glass heart, touched on the whole body fried hair for fear that they have been ignored. Only efforts to enhance their own, will make you more confidence, more self-confident and calm, this will make life more gusto. This world, no one wrong, but we have a different fate, is the life force took a different path, chasing their own different way, a different life and day. Although our lives are not the same, although experiencing trouble in life, no need to worry, no palpitation, what if destined to happen, it will happen at the right time, the right time will occur naturally, as and the right people together, because one of the most appropriate reason. The greatest worry, not a choice, but do not know what they want, what kind of life you want, do not know to the end of life, I want some of what people around, dazed to pursue.

Our lives need a compass, direction and goals needed to open the window of the soul, let us look at the time still charming the song blossom, Red Inn, there are always people coming and going, once beautiful, never disappoint, falling cleared , fine, clear, calm to face. People tired from the heart into the sky, had no one first.where. With a look at the mountain is mountain, water is water, the mountains are not mountains, watching the water is not water realm to life will be happy, on time Zhijian are not carved vicissitudes, there was time to settle down share of quiet beauty. Pour a memory of tea, let the past in the cup cleaned up, go back to the intersection, the time gap from the fingers degenerate into melancholy, Dimei place, but that is his sketch of a shadow. Executive depicts a pen, so full of hope in the vision of the struggle of the road ahead, on our feet. A hint of me, simple, smile and quiet place to read to miss the old, into the atmosphere at the time when the hilarity. Free to read books, look at other people's words to fill the gap caper; lonely writing, or painting he never let go of melancholy thoughts. Life, days of life, in fact, life is so short answer.

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