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Feng Xiaoning: "HTC early flu"
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People who love life, to treat in the spring is like his own life as sincere and persistent. Green did a humble, insignificant touch of green, will make his eyes shining, filled with spring color; Heart Lake brilliance, happiness rippling ripples. Spring for the people who love it, all the time exudes Unit magic and vitality. It was at this warm spring, more than I to HTC March, for the first time into the job, with a tolerance of HTC yearned I launched a warm embrace, so I do not do this a workplace rookie felt work the family gives me warmth and inclusiveness, so I have a strong platform to learn professional knowledge and skills of ...... recall this month, my heart thrown the slightest warmth, if I use a words summed up the feelings in mind, I think the word should be moved!

Is moving slowly melting in spring river ice has long been under the Buddha; the white of the snow is moved strain outgrew, subtle fragrance floating Plum; moving the dense jungle bubbling flow of clear spring; moving the endless dark night that a moon as a hook. With moving on the road, all the way will not be lonely, all the way to the floor flowers, trees. HTC experienced in half a year after I graduated a variety of lonely passionate accepted me, since I can proudly loud in front of friends told him: I work at HTC! Work, colleagues enthusiastically led me to run the site, hands-on teaching my instrument operation, and patiently explained to me precautions for handling and testing standards, in retrospect, some of the touches the heart of the scene vividly, meaning Sri Lanka Italy Pile site, I almost smashed around the table, that moment, my colleagues came up to me propped hesitate is that a pair of warm hands fills me with strength; mortar detect new urban green field site, colleagues a reflection of how seriously taught me breaking move Penetration mortar detector, is so little detail, precisely reflects the intentions of the new colleagues, this is it not HTC inclusive of the heart do? Episodes like all kinds of like, in my heart moved and planted a seed pay, I will carefully care of it, let it blossom after long years, the results ......

However, the work also has a lot of challenges and experience, all this is particularly evident for a rookie, because of our inspection work is a strong normative work, and I am very confused these norms and procedures, my site Operating capacity is also very limited, so the work appeared in many cases powerless, at this time, the leadership of patient comfort me, gently patted my shoulder and told me: "Xiao-ning, this process has just entered the job you have to learn patience and skills, I believe the future will get you hands-heart. "is this seemingly gentle encouragement, gave me great strength, let me more courage in their work.

At this point I still shallow knowledge of the work, the disposal of the working relationship is still a loss, but I will embrace a grateful heart, With a serious attitude towards learning, the better my career, I was working down to earth Each step best. Here please allow me to use a rhetoric to motivate themselves: since the distance will only trials and hardships!

April 10, 2015

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