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Liu Kun: "Growing ? Happy"
Time:2015-5-7 10:57:13                  Click:2018

When I was young, the family is not rich. Mom make a living, life increasingly cut spending, so when I was younger, not to mention toys, even clothes are rarely buy new, almost all passed through the small from the big, however, to have " new "clothes, for me, was a very happy thing, if you really have a new dress, the like to receive a gift, and that is full of happiness.

Compare the time, no longer as a gift of new clothes, new clothes closet just decorative, even if put on new clothes, the harvest of praise, and my heart happy, if there were, they seem to feel. Strange, obviously so much better life than before, and why more and more like a luxury but happy? Some say that we grew up, so happy to become a complex, slowly becomes a luxury. I am a little confused, but also feel, yes, we grow up, happiness can not be so simple, this is the price of growth.

Why a child, but a new dress will reap full of happiness it? Clothes changed? No, clothes or clothes, never change. I changed? Yes, I have changed, I grew up is no longer so simple as a child, not as a child so ignorant. Growth mom to let me know the pain of life, growth and let me know as a new dress and happy, how ridiculous.

Now, I would not have been happy to have a new dress and nor is life changed for the better, and feel happy, I gradually grow, I slowly numb, I can not see me happy, and I not happy with me, and I was looking for happiness, I asked others, I have asked myself, still have not found my happiness. How strange, my happiness, in the end go? It is not me? Why I can not find it?

Cost of growth, we put a youth got experience; the cost of growth, we paid a naive, get wisdom; the cost of growth, we put a happy, get numb? This is the grow it? No, it's not growing, growth never deprive us of pleasure, to deprive us of happy people, will only be ourselves, not others.

I told myself that I should put my happiness to come back, get rid of the numbness, I can not live like this, so alive, what's the difference with the dead, how can I buried myself in numb inside, obviously I happy now my life than a child, much happiness, I should feel happy, rather than accept the existence of all numb, they like the air, accompanied by my side, did not they, I will suffocate a.

I closed my eyes, to feel my life, what is the difference today as yesterday, today, to what I learned? I suddenly found that I was happy in fact, every day I get up, have breakfast hot to eat my mother do, work at night, my mother would do a table meal so I went back for dinner, and then we get together for dinner, talk about the day of small things trivial duties, which are part of my happiness, they belong to my happiness, my happiness, it has been in. Just my blinders, can not see it just, that you would have been in, thank you, have been able to accompany me, although I had neglected you, you do not leave.

Growth will not take away your joy, can take away your happiness, only you can find your own happiness, and only he, are you happy?

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