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Zhang Lei: "Ordinary life is a kind of color"
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Recently I read several books about life, about growing the book, in addition to makes a product obtained from a number of insights, but found nothing. I always feel that every person has a different life experience, have their own attitude to life, everyone else does not have to be, do what you like.

About the work, because we are now engaged in the cause of their work, or to make a living, or to love. To love is certainly enviable, but to the livelihood of people still admire, at least they have a responsibility. With strong hands hold up their days. The work itself, is part of life. For those of us mere mortals, it did not work, which means life may not be able to continue, I envy those who can live freely, you can go travel, go wandering, go wandering people, they used their own actions prove the world highly commendable freedom, but I still do not like to give up my job and lifestyle, like them, my family and my life is still required under the premise of creating some outdated adventurism color.

Perhaps settled way of life itself is what I want it, so I do not fear to boredom. Today, no longer young nor old, after years of precipitation I finally found a little bit of sense of my existence, we need to live, not someone else's warm stimulation, not someone else's crazy adventure, not someone else's romantic passion, should be our own, we have our color, or as pure white, or refined, such as blue or orange as warm, we use our hands weave color, nothing to brothels, independent of what others think, just to us love and happiness.

Work A practice. In modern society, this impetuous, quick success, and dreaming of a night developed reality, few people really can practice the kind of "no fame, not for profit, only the pursuit of my life Utopia" spirit, to give up downtown, to give stability, mountain retreat. That is the kind of love it, or Chilian. And I think, in a sense, work is kind of dispassionate love - a way to create a better love life.

Ordinary is also a color of life. Work is not poor, not good or bad, every job has meaning, the meaning comes from our hearts, how to evaluate, how to recognize the warning, only our most sincere answers hidden inside. Good work, for a better life.

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