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u Yali: "uphill or downhill."
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Perhaps in their spare time outside of work, and perhaps lonely hours in the dead of night, always to think about the meaning and value of life. In fact, life is like a section of the road, of course, this road is not easy, is always up to the more or less composed of a downhill, uphill travel more difficult, but can be more; more relaxed when going downhill, but will lose more more. As the saying goes downwards is not justified, if the moment will become increasingly easy to yield to the temptation to go down near the bottom.

On the way uphill, you will be very tired. Because you have to wait for the opportunity, you will lose confidence, you will be ridiculed, you will experience failure, as the road from time to time there is a stone rolling down, hinder your footsteps. Maybe you'll see some people like you are struggling to move forward, they even want to push the boulder going up; maybe you'll see some people are back,

Was rolling down the stone pushed. The stick or give up, often in an idea.

On the way downhill, you will be very relaxed. Because once you give up the effort, gave up the chance of success, no longer need to suffer. Maybe you'll see some people are still fighting and stone road; maybe, you'll see some people have the ramp, or rejoice or regret ever give up. I am glad, because they can not adhere to understand; will regret it, because they believe they can succeed. Select the decline of man, after some struggle, some will turn uphill, and some will accelerate downhill, depending on how much success they desire, for they have much confidence.

When you see more people in the uphill time, you will have more confidence, even being downhill will again go up; when you see more people in the downhill, even if you how determined, it will inadvertently diminished, even uphill will stop being considered not to turn away. In fact, you see, is what you really think. When you want to strive, I wanted to find some companion, give yourself some courage; when you want to give up, and wanted to find some

Like, let yourself give up faster.

Either uphill or downhill, all that follow his own heart, to succeed should not be afraid of the road dangerous, I do not want to give up the blame in the future you are weak. Your life can only go up to you, regardless of the final win or lose, all with no particular person, because the way you walk, are you step by step came to be.

Maybe you go is difficult at the moment, do not give up, now you should remind yourself: "! I was uphill, I was in progress, and stick with it and I'm successful."

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