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Lin-Lin Wang: "If spring comes."
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"If spring comes," This is not a doubt and conjecture, but an emotional and remember, spring comes, all the feelings of the trees like cherry, slightly open, WIND, sections and fall.

In crowded inside the bus, I pass through the window, saw the world turn green. Spring is a paradise for loved ones falling into mortal tear drop green, blooming throughout the world, in this green, I salvage memories of lost loved ones, in apricot light rain, go away I loved every minute breakdown per second. Original bite bone pain, have been converted to kneel afford Lost Tomb Sweeping Festival. Relatives old, my memory began with a mustache, dense, covered the once-familiar face ......

That spring, spring, abnormal quiet time, I had just finished first, and fell on his mother lap, the warm sun flowing in my hair, years of quiet good, but I still not large enough to mother each from kind of discomfort to her soon to predict the world, just as not accept the end of a tragedy, from my life into a silent black and white silent film era. Fairy tale that the tree, being rain soaked, spring is the beginning of all things, it is the end of my happy era. I know it had a splendid assumptions, but in this abrupt end.

Is spring, I came home and saw the dying grandfather, lying on the rocking chair to sleep, the body covered with a blanket, wrapped in old memories of a lifetime, he recognized me, smiled at me, nodding. Grandpa plundered the corners of memory, slowly to me complaints about his poor childhood, old people, the most distant memory always so clear, even if they hide in the smallest corner, even if their body covered shadow. Life is a circle, the older you closer from childhood. I could not cry, just hope he can survive the sinking. Just hope he have a chance to get close to the field. I was close to his old after growing up, understand thicker than water, to understand his hardships and difficult.

Spring is here, his old kind of grape is just sprouting, shoots are still tender, had a chance to grow into shady. Death of their loved ones so that I began to experience a variety of dismay. I wonder whether the various thoughts of spring is budding season, quietly soared, until one day when you Shijue warm sunshine, suddenly back, it is already behind you green one. You caught off guard, find, and even tears.

So the habit, often miss their loved ones, you begin to assume that if spring comes, if all kinds of memories. In all kinds of memory, gradually, actually can feel spring coming, felt flowers, feel loved for your blessing, yes, its painful memories, as warm nostalgia.

If spring comes, I no longer want to Lost Souls lonely in the crowd, this thin rain and wait for me to collect, twist in the fingertips, warm as dew, put in blue heart, let it evaporate in the cloud from heaven so close, when is when I missed my mother, sighing breath, hoping the mother frivolous ears, let her elderly know, I no longer like it used to be fleeting smile, at least I'm doing great.

If spring comes, I will not curl up on the sofa, dejected, I'll go out and see the world of beauty and easy to collect every touch of green beneath the sky, Qin Yun grandfather every piece of brown fields.

If spring comes, if you gently rise, this plane-tree, you would expect to see the leaves in bright sunshine this thin, long spring thanks to the widespread, just as when you are sleeping, families light jacket draped on your shoulders even if you did not find, at least you will not be cold dreams. Do not be afraid to winter cold, walking in the sun, I believe that the warm air, looked up to the cloud, your loved ones hiding behind it ......

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