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Dance Technical Training School
      Originally known Xuzhou Pengcheng, Han emperor Liu Bang's hometown, Han cultural heritage is very rich, colored figurines dance, music figurines is to identify the historical and cultural development of the arts in Xuzhou. July 2009, Xuzhou International Cultural Arts School Dance inherited the essence of Chinese culture and art of the Han and Tang dance music, the founder of effort.
Dance School is located in the Democratic Road 70, east of the creative cultural industry park (Creative 68) to form a new creative culture, education, training, industrial park.
      Dance School is a comprehensive class arts training school, its mission to popularize arts education, the arts education into the whole education system of children and adolescents in the overall quality of education is to develop young children, the cradle of art and aesthetic education in the overall quality of students.
Schools are equipped with high-quality professional teaching aids, two-way closed-circuit television systems, computer networks, is a school with modern teaching facilities, bright and spacious and comfortable learning environment, teachers no shortage of talent, classroom teachers are subject to stringent selection of clubs, has a wealth of experience in teaching and students' psychological well known, persuasive teacher, and hired a Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Dance Academy professors and various Art Colleges in person at my school guidance teaching professions currently offered by the school: children dance, Chinese dance , folk dance, ballet, dance, pop dance, public elementary, musical, Children's choir, piano, zither, art and so on. Various teaching objectives are to reach the national dance, music, performing arts, etc. Grading goal. Schools not only for students of professional training, but also for the students to build positive to show themselves, self-expression platform, to participate in community public performances, each school exchange reporting performance and provinces, and the country's various art competitions, so that each student can on stage talent show. The school also held regularly have city Board of Education, District Education Bureau, the seminar discussion "about the overall quality of primary and secondary school education" primary and secondary schools and school participate in the other provinces.
With excellent arts education services to each student, every family, music and dance faculty and staff believe the school's philosophy, united and forge ahead, won the praise of the community and the majority of the students and their parents, in 2009, the school was Beijing Dance College named Beijing Dance Academy Dance Grading quality education experimental base, and take up the promotion of Chinese dance teacher grading exams, Chinese dance student grade exam this task, in 2010 I have been authorized by the Beijing Dance Academy school in Jiangsu Province, "Chinese dance student, teacher qualifications certificate "training, examination contractors, the same year by the Ministry of Culture and the Chinese Society of Arts Vocational Education designated as" Chinese folk dance student, Teacher "training, examination contractors, 2011 by the Ministry of Culture to develop vocational education in China Art as "Jazz Chinese dance student, Teacher" training, examination contractors, the same year a "Shanghai Conservatory of Music Grading" Xuzhou test sites.
      In 2011, with the support of the Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Dance Academy and other institutions of higher art, I officially started school arts test and research for the Arts test student knowledge of the addition of literary theory, economic base film, audio-visual language, culture project management, culture industry analysis, vocal music, language arts, performing basic courses. Arts exam direction are: professional dance performances included the direction of education, director direction, the direction of dance, performance orientation; musical professionals contains the musical direction, film and television acting, directing direction; theater professionals contains the director direction, radio host direction, vocal direction, musical direction; advertising model plane direction, the direction of professional model car models included fashion show direction; culture management professionals contains utilities management direction, the direction of arts management, film and television drama production management direction, art direction of propagation, cultural exchange direction, cultural brokers direction, drama movie and TV literature screenwriter, director direction.
      Set for the development of specialization, diversification, modernization and internationalization as one of the art training base has a certain reputation and influence in the strategic objectives of our school, dance people will be a new look, new power, a new full-performance returns community support and care.
We are committed to: love to the students, parents donated assured, enthusiastic dedicated to the cause of social sincerity gave confidence for themselves.