Xuzhou Municipal Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
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Xuzhou Municipal Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

      Xuzhou Municipal Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. COSCO registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a collection of asphalt concrete production, transportation and paving of the integrated municipal companies. The company currently employs more than 100 people, including early, middle and senior titles 15 people, professional and technical staff of 32 people, one, two construction division eight people, with imports of asphalt pavers, Sweden Dynapac asphalt pavers, imported double steel drum vibratory roller, rubber roller, hand vibratory rollers, dump trucks and other full Auman asphalt production and road construction equipment products, the annual output value has remained at 50 million yuan or more.

      From the 1970s to now, COSCO has been the most important, as Xuzhou asphalt paving company, has always occupied Huaihai earth Pavement leading position, after nearly four years of development, the company has summed up a set scientific management methods and accumulated rich experience in construction, mastered currently more popular mixing and paving asphalt SMA technology, and passed the national acceptance, it has successfully applied the new city Kunlun Avenue Project, Huaihai Road project, democratic South project, Tower Road project, the Second Ring Road project, the mine road projects, won the praise of recognition and community peers.
      COSCO Group's strong support, the solidarity and cooperation with the other branches, by virtue of its scientific management, strong financial strength, advanced construction technology, high-quality personnel and a series of favorable conditions in recent years in public works achieved impressive results in the field, their participation in the project has won the "China Municipal Gold" award, "Yangzi Cup" award, "Jiangsu Province municipal demonstration project" award, "Gu Peng Cup," Gold, "Gu Peng Cup" Silver and other awards .
      All employees always follow the "fast, serious and keep promises" code of conduct and "efficiency, integrity, collaboration, progressive" management philosophy, based in Xuzhou facing the country, after the journey, and the country will certainly Xuzhou lay people Shu Mei Road and make greater contribution!